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Foba FOBA A-300 Stand with Base 700

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  • Crosspiece unites quality • Combination of safety and ergonomics • Intuitive user-friendly operation • Smooth positioning • Infinitely adjustable locking mechanism • Quick-release, quick-lock system • Maintenance-free
  • Mobile stability • Fully modular design • Central locking brake • Smooth movement with double swivel castor • Straightforward assembly and disassembly • Longevity guarantee
  • Pulley for precious devices • Excellence from a single source • Vision meets functionality • Incredibly comfortable to use • Combines safety and freedom of positioning
  • Camera plate in a new light • Anti-rotation pin for any load • Connection for standard 3/8’’ thread • Sturdy aluminium construction • Timeless design
  • Long-lasting solutions that are up to the job — this is our promise and our mission.


Meticulousness and curiosity are two of FOBA‘s key virtues. But we don‘t just pay attention to achieving optimum precision, we also listen carefully. Because of our close partnerships, we receive valuable customer feedback on constantly changing user needs and wishes. Our new product range, “new dimension”, incorporates these ideas and is introduced below. A-300 The New Dimension of Positioning Solutions - For Cameras around 1-5 kg - Total Height 1.8 m - Horizontal Arm 0.9 m - One handle for vertical displacement and rotation around the vertical column - Two camera plates - Easily Movable - Ball bearings for horizontal movement - Perfect for small, handy cameras which also need to be mobile


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