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Foba ARBEO Extended Rotating Plaform for AROBE/AROBO

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  • For DSS-ALPHA Camera Stand
  • Extended rotating platform
  • Lowers camera center of gravity
  • Friction adjustable with two socket screws
  • Swiss made and engineered


Extended rotating platform, to be inserted onto the beam’s spigot. The camera axis is lowered to correspond approximately to the beam axis.

This has two advantages:
  • the rotating axis goes through the camera’s gravity center, no matter how it is positioned, which simplifies the setting of the camera.
  • thanks to the low center of gravity, there is much less risk of the camera’s toppling over when mounted in a wrong way.
360° rotation and clamping is possible. Spigot friction is adjustable with two socket screws. Clamp can be mounted on both sides of the unit.


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